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Basic method to increase Telegram channel members (new update)

As you know, these days, social networks, in addition to being a tool for entertaining people, are one of the best channels that any person or any business can use to earn money from Telegram.

As you know, wherever there is more audience, it is the best place to advertise and market your products and services.

Therefore, the Telegram messaging application, which has involved many people these days, is the best place to earn money from the Internet, as well as the prosperity of Internet businesses.

One of the concerns of people who want to make money through Telegram or introduce their business and services is the number of members of their Telegram channel.

Well, many people think that the more members of their telegram channel, the better they are and the more they can make money.

And that's why they buy fake telegram members or fake telegram members.

Of course, this may sometimes be the case for channels that, for example, make money through advertising.

But this is not always the case!

There are channels with very few members that are not famous at all and the lights go out.

These channels earn much more than channels with tens of thousands of members!

It does not matter the number of members.

It's important that your channel members really follow you because of the topic of your channel.

In this article, I am going to talk about the same issue.

How to get real and targeted members for your Telegram channel?

Join me in this article to introduce you to 10 basic ways to increase your Telegram channel members.

Why should our channel have real members?

Real members mean people on our channel, who are really interested in our channel content and always follow us.

Forcing someone to follow us is not a good thing!

This is true everywhere. For example, in email marketing, sending emails to people who do not know us is wrong and ineffective.

Marketing and advertising have always been important to the people we target.

The same is true in the telegram.

This means that we can not force people who do not like our content to our channel.

The era of pop-up ads and forcibly adding people to our channel is over.

Today, using principled methods, we must make people follow our channel with their own desire and interest.

To make it much easier to market our products and services on them.

Using unprincipled methods to increase Telegram channel members is wrong, costly and useless.

In general, anything like this has no effect on our success process!

From sites that use various methods to increase the artificial traffic of your site to the owners of Instagram pages who are looking for follower fakes.

The use of these methods has never worked well, and in many cases the benefits have not been anything but losses.

10 basic methods to increase Telegram channel members

1. Define your goal and build your channel

The first step in building a telegram channel is to know what your goal is in creating a channel.

You must specify your purpose of launching the Telegram channel.

Specify the topic you want to produce content on your channel.

It is very important that you do not change the subject of your channel after you have identified it.

For example, if the topic of your channel is health and wellness, you should not publish content about humorous or political topics in your channel!

This will increase the dissatisfaction of your channel members and they will leave your channel over time.

Unfortunately, many friends do not succeed in hoping that they can attract more members to their channel by changing the subject of their channel, and they lose the same current members of their channel.

2. Complete your Telegram channel profile creatively

Using the right logo and completing your channel description is very important.

After specifying your communication profile, try to state the benefit you intended for the user in the description or Bio section of your channel.

It does not matter at all if you are the first in your field, but it is important how you differ from your other competitors and how you benefit your audience.

For example, the phrase "End your day every day with motivational sentences on our channel" is much better and more attractive than the phrase "Follow motivational sentences on our channel".

3. Produce quality and attractive content

Try to produce and publish content that benefits your channel users. Entertainment channels usually produce content on any topic and it does not matter much what they post on.

But specialized channels are not like that!

If your channel is specific to a particular area, you should try to produce useful and fully functional content for your users.

Have variety in content production.

Try popular formats such as photos, posts, gifs, or short videos that spread like wildfire among people.

Info graphics can strangely go hand in hand in the telegram.

Creating info graphics is hard work, but try to create and share specific info graphics related to your channel theme as much as you can.

Special offer of our site: Can Telegram be used as a marketing tool?

In Social Medias Telegram users in particular are a little bored.

Try not to publish long posts and include photos with your posts as much as possible.

Most of the time you can express what you mean in the form of a written photo.

Depending on the topic of your channel, I suggest using short audio as well.

Audio files are very popular and your members can easily listen to your voicemails at any time.

As you know, the screen of mobile phones is small, which is why many friends do not have the patience to read your text posts.

Therefore, try to publish audio files for impatient people.

4.Dedicate your channel posts

The most important thing to do is to dedicate your channel posts.

By doing this you can greatly increase your channel members.

Rest assured that if your posts are exclusive and engaging, they will be sent to other people by your users or shared in other groups.

To do this, be sure to use your channel logo or tag on your short images or videos.

You can easily do this with the pic art app.

Also put your channel address either as a public link or @ChanelName under each of your posts.

5. Get help from your users in producing content

Ask your users to produce content for you and put their content in the channel with their full specifications.

Of course, depending on the topic of your channel, you should do this. For example, raise a specific issue and ask your users for their opinion on it. It is much more attractive if you ask them in the form of an audio file.

You can also ask them to ask you their questions. For example, you work in the field of internet sales and marketing techniques, and in this area, questions are raised by your audience. By answering their questions, you can generate compelling content and post it on your channel.

You can also do this by submitting a poll or contest. For example, conduct a survey entitled "10 Ways to Increase Internet Product Sales" and ask your users to send you 10 ways to increase Internet product sales.

Do not forget that your channel is specialized and there are people interested in your field of work. So they can help you with that. After they have outlined their methods, write a selection of the best methods and place it as a post on your channel.

6. Join groups and super groups in the same field

Try to find and work in groups and super groups that are also your field of work.

If possible, share your selected posts in them from time to time.

If the group manager does not allow you to do this, try to establish a sincere relationship with them.

For example, share some of their posts on your channel and instead ask them to allow you to work in a group.

You can also participate in discussions in super groups related to your field of work and answer other users' questions.

Try to show yourself professional and capable in your work.

In the posts you leave in the groups, try to introduce yourself and your channel imperceptibly.

For example, if you answered a question, lastly mention that you also have a channel in this field.

You can be sure that you can refer many people to your channel by doing this.

7. Link your Telegram channel to your other social networks

Put the address of your Telegram channel in every social network you operate.

For example, it is very good to put the address of your Telegram channel in your Instagram bio page.

Or, for example, in your Aparat channel, in addition to the website address, put the address of your Telegram channel in the social media section.

In general, try to put your telegram channel address in every site you have a profile.

I suggest you do not read the article of fake advertisements in Telegram!

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8. Insert your channel in the Telegram channel directories

There are a number of sites that can be used as directory directories for Telegram channels to increase Telegram channel Subscribers.

These sites include Telegram channels in various topics on their site by categorizing the topic.

Some of them may also register your channel address for a fee, but they usually charge a small fee for this. For example, $ 10 and forever!

9. Hold a contest and give a prize

Telegram contest One of the best ways to increase your Telegram channel members is to hold a contest.

You must have seen the matches posted in Telegram by now.

Some time ago, a contest called the best children's photo was held in Telegram and was noticed by many friends.

In this contest, anyone could participate in the photo of their child, and any photo that received the most likes was the winner.

Depending on the subject of the contest and how to win it, everyone tried to get a liking for their child's photo.

To do this, he sent the contest link to his friends and acquaintances and asked them to like the photo.

Of course, this contest with this topic is more focused on channels with public and entertainment topics.

In specialized channels, a competition related to the same field should be held.

It does not matter what your channel is about. Suppose you are a channel manager on the subject of guitar training .

All you have to do is ask your channel users to play a track and send it to you. Every piece that gets the most likes wins.

The important thing is that you should set a special prize to encourage many users to participate in this contest.

If you offer services or products, you can give one of your products as a gift or a discount code to buy products to the winner.

I suggest you read the article about Telegram Fake member as well.

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